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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Air Claims International (“we”, “us”) service portal. This privacy policy explains who we are, what data we collect and how do we use it. The services (“the Service”) we offer are governed by our General Terms and Conditions.

Air Claims International is incorporated in Finland (Finnish business ID: 2938563-7) and as such is subject to Finnish national provisions as well as European Union legislation.

This privacy policy applies to personal information we collect through our claims portal and other services and communications from the users of all or part of our website (“you”, “user”)

We are committed to handling your personal data with the utmost respect towards your personal rights, liberties, and privacy.

This privacy policy is effective as of January 09, 2019.

Information we collect and the use of your information

The information we collect falls under two categories:

1) Information you choose to submit in order for us to provide the Service to you

We collect only the information that you provide to us voluntarily that is necessary in order for us to provide the Service for you. Depending on the nature of the Service, this could include for example your name, passport number, contact information etc. All the data we collect is explicitly mentioned in the service description and also throughout the process of submitting the data. Throughout the process of you uploading your data for us you are notified that your data is being collected. We only collect the minimum amount of personal data we need to provide the service for you and to keep you up to date on the progress of the Service.

Generally speaking, for pursuing your rights for delayed, cancelled and/or overbooked flights, at least the following information is collected:

First and last name E-ticket number Airport of departure and arrival, and departure and arrival time and date, as originally booked Name of the airline Name of the possible travel agency Other data submitted by you

2) Data we process through visiting our websites, cookies and other tracking technologies

Your browser transmits data to our servers which is necessary for us to display our site to you. It is in our legitimate interest to present the site(s) in a stable and secure manner, for which we need the visitor data that includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

IP Address Timezone Time of access Geo location data Browser type Device model Operating System

In addition to the data transmitted by your browser, our services use cookies. Cookies make our service better and more personalized for users, and it is in our legitimate interest to improve the usability and visibility of our website for you.

We also use various analytics services that among others, enable us to identify users, usage patterns and sessions, allowing us to improve our services to you.

All the collected data is kept safe from abuse to the best of our ability. We process your data in accordance with at least the minimum accepted standards of technical and procedural measures. We do not, under any circumstances, share, sell, or rent your data to third parties.

Location of data processing and data sharing

Information is processed in Helsinki, Finland and in Hong Kong, China. Data is kept secure and only accessible by us.

Occasionally we require the help of third parties, such as lawyers and other legal representatives, in other countries in order to pursue your rights for you. In such cases minimum necessary data is shared with the third parties under non-disclosure agreements that safeguard your personal rights and liberty to the extent that is possible while still accomplishing the purpose of the legal action.

Legal basis for handling your information

We provide a service for you based on a contractual relationship that we form with your explicit consent.

We process personal data in order to reliably identify you, to fulfil our contractual obligations with you, forward the possible compensation claimed on your behalf, to provide customers service and other communications, such as notifications of the proceedings, and in order to prevent unlawful activity. This data is provided by you with your express consent for us to provide claiming (and other) services for you.

Other grounds for processing your data include obligations set out in law, and data processing that we do in order to protect our legal interests.

If required by legal obligation, we may be forced to share your personal data with national authorities and other third parties, such as courts of law.

Data retention, access, and accountability

If you are a data subject residing in the European Union, you have the right to:

1) Request access to your personal data

2) Request rectification of your personal data

3) Request erasure of your personal data (right to be forgotten)

4) Request restrictions on the processing of your personal data

5) Object to the processing of your personal data

6) Data portability (return your data to you or, in some cases, transfer it to another company)

We can only process requests related to these rights by persons whose identity we have verified. For more information on how to access your personal data and on how to exercise your rights related to your personal data, please submit your request to hello@inspecto.com

We delete personal data as soon as it is not necessary for us to hold it anymore in order to perform the purpose for which they are gathered, and we are not legally obligated to hold the data any longer. We may collect anonymized data for statistics and for service improvements.

Every user has the right to complain against unlawful processing of their personal data to the national data protection authority. In case there is a data breach and there is a risk that your personal information is stolen or illegally accessed otherwise we will report it to the national data protection authorities.

Air Claims International Oy (hereafter “Inspecto”) is a company registered in the Republic of Finland, that offers you risk-free service in order to get for compensation for flight disruptions under EC261 regulation. If Inspecto does not succeed in acquiring you monetary compensation, the service is completely free of charge. Inspecto will take care of correspondence between airlines, government officials and courts of law as well as all demanding legal and paperwork under European regulations. From the total amount of successfully secured compensation, a success fee of only 25% +VAT is deducted. If we don’t succeed to get you compensation, our service is completely free of charge. By using our services you agree to our terms of service between you and Inspecto. You can view terms of service here: www.inspecto.com/en/terms-and-conditions